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Days at the pool or beach can be the best days. Swimming is a skill I wholeheartedly feel that everyone should have. In my classes, I want to ensure that every swimmer walks away with the skills and knowledge of pool safety. I started teaching as a certified water safety instructor 25 years ago with the goal that every person who takes lessons with me becomes a confident swimmer. 

How to prepare for class:

Each class has a specified start and end time. My classes are  prompt so please arrive and be ready to enter the pool at your specified time. Classes run Monday-Thursday. Friday is reserved for a rain makeup days. Classes are only rescheduled due to the fault of the instructor/weather. A class is considered complete if the swimmers have been in the water for 20 minutes should we need to cancel for inclement weather. Please be sure to monitor my Facebook group for updates on class cancellations.  At the start of a class during the second week water safety will be discussed before entering the pool. 

Please ensure younger students bring multiple towels.  I do not allow swim goggles in any swim lessons with the exception of a conditioning swimmer.

I look forward to seeing you and your swimmer soon! 

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Class Levels

Non swimmer/Beginner

Swimmers in this class will learn the basics. With the help of an instructor, students will float on their front with their face in the water, learn arm movements, and proper flutter kick.  During the second week of the class students are jumping in with support.


* Students who make great strides in class will be encouraged to progress with more advanced techniques at the instructors discretion. 


Class Ratio




Advanced Swimmer/Stroke Technique

During this class students will improve their stroke development (Freestyle, Back Float/Backstroke). They will work on drills to encourage  stroke refinement. Students will learn to swim with ease and efficiency to gain the ability to swim smoothly over greater distances. 


Conditioning is also a main focus with this group of swimmers. 


*Students who make great strides in class will be encouraged to progress to more advanced strokes (Breaststroke, Butterfly) at the instructors discretion. 






Conditioning Week

This week is open to advanced swimmers who need extra pool time for conditioning to build endurance. Each class will consist of swim sets with minimal rest between sets. 


Swimmers should come each day with a full water bottle, goggles, and a swim cap.



Assisted Swimmer/Intermediate

Students in this class have already been introduced to the water, they are able to put their face in the water when asked. This class will start with the front float and front glide along with swimming the width of the pool. They will learn more about swimming the front crawl, bobbing, jumping into the pool and gradually perfecting their skills in the shallow end to progress towards  deep end swimming. During the second week students will be introduced to the back float, back glide, back stroke, and introduced to diving into the pool.


* Students who make great strides in class will be encouraged to progress to more advanced techniques at the instructors discretion. 


Class Ratio




Adult Beginner

Swimmers in this class will start by entering the water, walk in to chest deep, then recover to surface and return to side. The swimmers will eventually be expected to fully submerge beneath the water surface and recover. 


Additional skills worked on in this class are as follow: 


*Roll from front to back, roll from back to front, change from vertical to horizontal positions on back and front and return to safety.


*Front glide with recovery, front float with recovery


*Back glide with recovery, back float with recovery


*Combined stroke on front with alternating arm action at least 2 body length


*Arm and hand treading actions, tread water using arm and leg actions


** Swimmers who make great strides in class will be encouraged to progress with more advanced techniques at the instructors discretion.


Class Ratio:




Girls Swimming Underwater

Observing Allison in action is inspirational.  She is a master teacher: she establishes essential rules and guidelines from the start with her students, their parents and her assistants during each session.  She challenges her students to push a little harder and to be proud of the improvements they have made in their swimming skills.  She goes above and beyond to make certain that she communicates with each parent, keeping them informed of their child’s developments during their time with her.


I cannot think of more qualified or passionate swim instructor in Central Florida.  Generations of children, parents and families are forever influenced and educated regarding water safety,  swimming skills and essential life lessons. 

Julie Kaplan 

Happy girl swimming in pool

Double R swim lessons are the best thing to prepare you child for summer. Both of my girls have gone to swim lessons and the way they prepare the kids makes me comfortable to take the kids around water. My oldest has gone for 4 years and they match their skill level at each lesson. Could not recommend them more!

Susie Hultgreen

Girl Swimming in Pool

Thank you Mrs. Allison for changing our lives! I have tried many swim lessons and swim instructors for years but with no success. It is because of you that we are able to enjoy our new pool without having to worry about my kids. I came to you last April with my two boys when our pool construction started and you assured me that they both will be fine and will learn and they did and in June they both were ready to jump in the pool! The biggest thing is their safety. I know that they can save themselves. It was amazing to see how confident they are in the pool now too. All my friends are amazed on how quickly my boys learnt swimming in one season!


Registration Form 

Please complete the registration form for each swimmer. 
Due to limited availability for each level, Allison will reach out to finalize all class enrollment

Thanks for registering! Allison will be in touch shortly to confirm class enrollment.

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